Ang Nayyar is best known as the artist MrGeometric. MrGeometric is an Auckland based artist who’s pioneering the space between human forms and shapes.

Shapes are the predominant feature in his work. He works with subjects, and distills their essence- their story- into a unique shape. This shape in turn interacts with them to create something with immense meaning.

His obsession with shape and form is that it sits somewhere deep within us. Something primal; something raw. The way our brains evolved to see is this: first the brain interprets the edges within a scene. These edges are then combined, and the combined edges are recognized as shapes. Finally, the texture within the shapes is seen and recognition occurs. Colour is a separate process, and doesn’t come into the picture till much later.

In this way, by using monochrome pictures and shapes, MrGeometric’s art targets the initial parts of our vision. Activating explicitly those first parts of seeing, playing with the subconscious mind whilst the conscious attempts to interpret it.

Exploration of shape and symbols is key to MrGeometric’s work. Shapes form symbols, yet humans are also symbols. This can be illustrated most clearly in his work “Infinitely Marilyn” - where he worked with the Estate of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn is perhaps the person most synonymous with the phrase “Sex Symbol”.